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Joewell Supreme Cobalt SCC

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The Joewell Supreme Cobalt SCC

  • Hard Titanium Coating on Handle
  • Dry Bearing Tension System
  • Convex Edge
  • Cobalt Base Alloy
  • Offset Handle
  • Permanent Finger Rest
  • Lifetime Warranty

Handle: Straight
Tension: Dry Bearing System
Finish: Liquid Silver
Size: 5.75” / 6.0”
Material: Cobalt Base Alloy

Hard Titanium Coating


The handle surface is coated with hard titanium.  With this coating, it is not necessary to be conscious of metal allergies.

As you know, the number of commodities supporting prevention of metal allergies (watches, glasses, accessories, and other metallic products that will contact the skin directly) is increasing year by year and social awareness of the problem is also increasing, since it has become gradually clear that some allergy symptoms such as skin rashes may be caused by touching metallic substances for many hours (if some other factors such as physical constitution or sweat, etc. are also present).

It is said, in particular, that nickel in the materials (stainless steel) of the handle of scissors is a metal that can cause allergic reactions very easily.  In the circumstance, titanium is keenly watched as one of the safest metals among the various metallic substances.  The hard titanium coating is provided on the handle surface of JOEWELL SUPREME.  Thereby, it is not necessary to be conscious about metal allergies.  

Supreme SCC

What is metallic allergy?

A very small amount of metallic substances that you wear usually will be melted from sweat or body fluids, and then ionized to enter the skin.  If you contact the same metallic substances again, rejection symptoms may occur and rashes will be generated on the skin.  This is the mechanism of the metal allergy.  Even a person who does not have any metal allergies so far may be attacked with this suddenly.  Once you get the allergy, it may take several years or several tens of years for recovery or may not recover in a lifetime.

JOEWELL SUPREME applies ergonomic design and a hard titanium coating handle in consideration of comfortable operation.

Based on field proven data, we have thoroughly pursued sharp cutting quality and durability, which are the basic performances of scissors.

With the combination of the cobalt base alloy CBA-1, the convex blade, and the dry bearing screw systems, we have materialized superior durability that is “more than 2.5 times” longer than ordinary scissor and outstanding cutting quality with sharpness, smoothness, and powerfulness.

Supreme SCC 5.7 inch  Supreme SCC 6.0 inch
Supreme scc 5.7 inch Supreme SCC 6.0 inch

Size:  5.7” • Blade: 57mm • Weight: 49.5g •Convex Blade • Cobalt Base Alloy CBA-1 • Dry Bearing Screw System • Hard Titanium Coated Handle

Size:  6.0” • Blade: 64mm • Weight: 52.0g •Convex Blade • Cobalt Base Alloy CBA-1 • Dry Bearing Screw System • Hard Titanium Coated Handle

The ergonomic design has advantages of both symmetry and offset.  Two sizes of scissors in 5.7 inches and 6 inches that have been designed in consideration of the optimum balance are available.

As a result of the nationwide monitoring survey of 500 hairstylists in Japan, the proportion of their preference for handle shape was about 2 to 1 for symmetry to the offset.  Eighty percent of them prefer a length of scissors from 5.5 inches up to 6 inches.

JOEWELL SUPREME has a new semi offset handle providing superior advantages of both symmetry and offset.  Two sizes in 5.7 inches and 6 inches, which have been designed in consideration of the optimum balance, are available.

Considering the optimum operability for the respective cutting techniques, we have jointly examined detailed shapes and weight balance with the advising monitors by repeatedly producing many prototypes.  We strictly pursued the optimum easy-to-use performances.  Through these examinations, we finally achieved a simple, highly sophisticated design for the scissors.

Supreme SCC sideview

Cobalt Base Alloy CBA-1

The cobalt base alloy CBA-1, of which “more than 2.5 times” durability has been proven, is applied for the blade material.  Since its cobalt containing ratio is about 50%, it is very hard and has superior wear resistance.


Cobalt base alloy CBA-1, having the highest hardness among the cobalt base alloys with the cobalt ratio at about 50%, which is superior to stainless steel for wear resistance, is used as the blade material of JOEWELL SUPREME.  Field-proven data shows that its durability is “more than 2.5 times” longer than ordinary scissors.

supreme scc info graphic 1
Supreme SCC Info Graph2
Supreme SCC info graph3

Supreme SCC screw

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