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Joewell Signature Shear Service and Sharpening

Joewell Signature Service Shear Sharpening

With as much as you paid for your shear, you want to keep it cutting as long as possible.  That’s why we offer the Joewell Signature Service Shear Sharpening.  It’s more than a shear sharpening, it’s preventive maintenance to change, inspect, and clean essential components of your shear and help keep it all running smoothly.  By taking care of your shear with a Joewell Signature Service Shear Sharpening, you’ll be getting the peace of mind that your shear will be with you for a long time.

Standard Quality Shear Service               Rush Service Shear Sharpening
Standard Shear Service                                            Rush Shear Service

    (Please allow 10 working days from receipt) (Please allow 4 working days from receipt)

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